Words + Photos By: Amber James

Don’t let the throngs of screaming preteen and teen girls and poppier music confuse you, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, (commonly referred to as iDKHOW) is going to be one of your new favorite bands. Comprised of the duo of Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman they take you on a musical journey. Despite only being comprised of these two wonderful humans, there is quite a bevy of instruments played. Even a tambourine. Mainly by Ryan Seaman. A Ryan of all trades if you will.

Setting out on one of their first headliners, dubbed the Night Heat tour, they brought out the band Superet to get the crowd hyped up and the adrenaline pumping before their set. And when I say adrenaline, I mean dance parties and jumping up and down. Bringing back memories of when the pogo stick was, you know, actually popular. On second thought, was it ever really popular? The duo didn’t even need to walk onto the stage before the nearly sold out crowd of (mostly) teen girls (and their parents) started screaming for them and/or about them.

One of the security guards compared the whole scene to that of the Beatles arriving in America and female fans screaming about them. Fans crowded the front row of the barricade, some girls had handmade signs, others were screaming “I love you” and other affectionate phrases. Mind you, the set hadn’t even started yet! The connection between the band and fans was very apparent, however, it seems the smaller the band the more connected fans become. I’m still waiting for the results from the research study to be returned, though.

As the band launched into their set, fans were singing along to every song and hanging on every word that Dallon said into the mic. Their set was comprised of songs off their debut EP, 1981 Extended Play, songs from their old band, The Brobecks, as well as a couple covers. These fans even knew the words to the Brobecks songs which I was thought was amazing. Jokingly, it could be referred to as the Church of iDKHOW, from the command that Dallon and Ryan had over their fans.

Overall, their music takes a lot of inspiration and vibe from the era of 1980’s synth wave pop and pop rock. From the super varied floral prints of Ryan’s stage shirts (and regular shirts, because who are we kidding?) and Dallon’s satin windbreakers, they even channel it in their outfits. So, maybe, WHAM! is a better comparison than The Beatles?

Their first leg of the Night Heat tour is wrapping up but the second leg will be picking back up at the end of June and they will be going on to support Silversun Pickups for a few shows as well. Make sure you wear your best floral print and 80’s band merch!


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