Words & Photos By Kyle Bergfors

When this tour was first announced I thought to myself “Well, that’s cool and all,” but it wasn’t until Issues announced they would be letting the fans pick their setlist, performing old songs they’ve played live before, AND playing in support of their most recent release, that I became really excited. I got into Issues my freshman year of high school so when hearing about the more than likely chance they would be playing songs live from their first EP and album is when I became extremely excited.

Kicking off the show was Sylar. Now Sylar is a different up-and-coming band where, many believe, are a part of the group of newer bands who are re-inventing and brings back a nu-metal style of music to a younger scene. Sylar delivers a heavily produced and processed nu-metal sound with angular and heavily gated guitar sounds forming a sound that sounds more like a metal working shop on record. Yet, when performing live Sylar manages to take the same mood, feelings, and studio produced sounds into their live permanence making for a unique and all around entertaining set to watch.

Following Sylar was Too Close to Touch. Too Close to Touch have been gaining more and more steam as time goes on since their 2015 debut full length release. TCTT delivers an explosive and energizing combination of indie-rock and punk-blasted demo creating a style similar to Sleeping With Sirens and The 1975 but still remaining their own. Similar to their sound, their live performance will make you feel like you’re at a 1975 or The Weeknd but with the excitement of being at Warped Tour.

The co-headliner for the night came from nu-metal/groove metal giants, Volumes. I saw a Volumes fairly recently back in March of this year when they opened up for Born of Osiris and while they sounded and performed phenomenal, I felt like their stage and lighting production lacked severely back then, and seeing them again on a much larger tour changed my mind on this. Volumes set consisted of a really cool and energizing production that paired perfectly with their groove and pal-muted dent style of metal-core. All in all, Volumes delivered an entertaining and fun set that left the crowd perfectly energized and amped for Issues.

The headliner, Issues, followed. I found myself listening to the custom made, by the band, Headspace Tour Spotify playlist that allows fans to check out and listen to the entire set list for the tour in order for everyone to come completely prepared to sing and jam their hearts out. As previously said, I was eager to see Issues’ unique and beautiful stage production coupled with a setlist consisting of new songs, old songs, and everything in between. Obviously, Issues did not disappointed leaving the crowd wanting more but also being extremely tired from such an exhilarating and engaging set of genre-blurring mix of metal-core, R&B pop, and even early 2000’s era nu-metal DJ sections. Old fans and new fans alike walked away happy and overjoyed to have heard Issues’ best and most well known material from Love Sex Riot and King of Amarillo to Stingray Affliction to COMA. I know I was personally very excited to see Issues play material from the Black Diamond EP. If this tour package comes near your city be sure to check it out!


Too Close To Touch




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