Words & Photos by Joshua Maranhas

Itchy-O, this time at the Levitt Pavilion in Denver, Colorado, are not a marching band that appears to flash mob suddenly. That description is from a long, long time ago—maybe in another galaxy.

Itchy-O are like stepping into another world for an hour. The performers surround their audience and envelop the crowd; mere human spectators become part of itchy-O’s sprawling imagination. People don’t just listen; they see music. 

Once in the tent, metaphorically, ticket holders can explore their grounds, stand back and watch the wildlife, dance, or peel back everyday armor and skin for an adventure.

Climb into the anonymity and enjoy an escapade that is without judgment—costumes, awkward body rocking, big smiles—all welcomed. 

A live show with Itchy-O in 2021 is like leaning over a chessboard where the pieces play themselves.

Like a game of Dejarik on the Millennium Falcon in A New Hope? Maybe, but unique and following its own drum. Itchy-O are not clones; they are inventors. The drummers run the realm. 

The best practice isn’t to watch the pieces play, but to become a piece and fit in by standing out, being an authentic version of self. A show with itchy-O, it seems, is best when the audience joins the band. 

Saturday at Levitt Pavilion, it would appear, the crowd was on board and ready to ride. Chutes And Ladders, checkers, chess, Dejarik—playing alongside itchy-O is a fun game. It felt like most did not want it to ever be “game over.” It all came to an epic crescendo where it seemed as though no one lost and everyone wanted next. Bring on the next show, Itchy-O.


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