Words & Photos by Alan Snodgrass

In the latest case of “we didn’t see that coming,” Jawbox has reunited for the first time in 10 years with a summer tour that found the band at San Francisco’s historic Fillmore on a balmy Friday night. Local opener The Velvet Teen kicked things off with a generous 40 minute indie pop set as the room started to fill, and while there was some stylistic dissonance with the headliner, it was pretty clear that they had some fans in the room.

By the time Jawbox took the stage a tad past 10 pm and busted into “Mirrorful,” there was an ample crowd but the Fillmore was surprisingly not sold out. The stripped-down set had nothing but four musicians and their instruments on stage but that’s all anyone needed. The mostly middle aged crowd was more than stoked to sing and rock along without trying to capture crap video or stream it on their socials.

The vibe on stage was similarly positive. Roughly half-way through their run of mostly sold out shows, any reunion jitters were clearly in the past for Jawbox …. relaxed yet tight, they were clearly enjoying their time together on stage. And with only four full lengths, their setlist left few stones unturned.

As far as band reunions go, Jawbox’s reboot could not have come across better … a band that’s clearly in it for more than the paycheck coupled with a room full of die-hard fans ready to hear their favorite tunes live.

• Mirrorful
• 68
• Desert Sea
• Grip
• Nickel Nickel Millionaire
• Motorist
• Tongues
• Livid
• Iodine
• Cooling Card
• Spoiler
• Static
• FF=66
• Green Glass
• Chinese Fork Tie
• Chicago Piano
• Reel
• Breathe
• Cutoff
• Savory
• Cornflake Girl (Tori Amos cover)

• Dreamless
• Jackpot Plus!
• Absenter


The Velvet Teen

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