File this in the category of “about fricking time” … a long-overdue headlining tour by Ukrainian metal band Jinjer that finally hit San Francisco’s historic Fillmore with support from Suicide Silence and All Hail the Yeti.

Their arrival was not without some last-minute challenges, however.  A COVID-19 diagnosis at the start of the tour forced drummer Vlad Ulasevich to sit out a few dates while the band carried on performing to a drum track. Thankfully, Vlad was back in business by the time the tour hit San Francisco, giving the fans the full band experience and looking none the worse for wear which is good because the San Francisco crowd was ready to rage.

Jinjer’s eclectic blend of music styles includes elements of jazz, hip hop and progressive rock all punctuated by vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk’s range and use of both clean and growling vocals seems to have struck a nerve with US audiences and while there were a few Eastern European accents detectable in the room, that only made up a small fraction of the sold-out crowd.

Taking the stage around 9:30, Jinjer launched right into “Call Me a Symbol” from their latest release Wallflowers. The room went nuts with the front half of the floor singing and headbanging along and the back half of the floor opening up a respectably sized mosh pit, ready to jump back in even after Suicide Silence’s monster wall of death (virus be damned).

The 90-minute set covered the bases with the band pausing briefly to make sure that the San Francisco crowd was holding up. Yeah, no problem on that front and when the band finally wrapped with “Vortex” just before 11 p.m., there was no doubt that the San Francisco crowd could have kept going.  All-in-all, a great night of metal that left band and fans feeling that maybe things are finally getting back to normal.

Jinjer Setlist:

  • Call Me a Symbol
  • On the Top
  • Pit of Consciousness
  • I Speak Astronomy
  • Disclosure!
  • Judgement (& Punishment)
  • Sleep of the Righteous
  • Ape
  • Retrospection
  • Perennial
  • Wallflower
  • Teacher, Teacher
  • As I Boil Ice
  • Mediator
  • Home Back


  • Vortex

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