Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tour that Knuckle Puck was on where a band didn’t give out so much energy and made a night one hell of a night. That was the same case for this current tour that they’re on.

This was my third show at the Teragram Ballroom in six days and my sixth show in seven days. So pretty much by this time I’m already tired of shooting shows, but nah! I have been looking forward to this show for quite sometime now. Yes, I know it’s not the usual hardcore or heavy music that I usually rave about but Knuckle Puck is one of the very few pop punk band’s that I actually fuck with, so obviously I couldn’t miss this show.

This tour was filled with today’s up and comers. Opening the bill was, Illinois’ Homesafe, who off the bat set the mood of the night. Even without a label to back them, these guys have gotten around spreading the word about their record the best way they know how to, rocking the fuck out. I highly enjoyed their set and I definitely see this band doing bigger things. I mean, they already are.

Up next were Sydney, Australia’s With Confidence, the band has taken the world by storm with their straight forward formula of pop punk. After dominating Warped Tour in 2016, they have toured the country and all across Europe through out 2017, these boys from down under were definitely a crowd favorite.

Speaking of crowd favorite, I have never seen people more stoked about Movements like they were last night (and yes, that includes me). The SoCal boys, released their first full length record three days before the show and based on crowd reaction, people were definitely about this record. Heck, the girl beside me knew every word to the new songs. Although some shit came up during the middle of their set, the band kept their cool and played an “in your face” set to the people of Los Angeles. I can only see this band go up from here. Also, I saw their singer wear shirt of a band I’m in.. and that’s lowkey dope!

As the guys from Knuckle Puck came on stage, colorful screens turn on and the South Chicago boys played a very good set, with songs from both the new record and older hits. Their new record, Shapeshifter, which came out ten days prior has definitely raided people’s headphones thru various stream sites. I’ve seen this band a handful of times now from Warped Tour to being tour openers and their energy just explodes off the gate. Singer, Joe Taylor once well of the stage and injured his wrist and still went on with the tour. If that’s not saying a lot then I don’t know what is.

If you haven’t seen Knuckle Puck (even if you’re not into pop punk) you should definitely catch them. Just trust me on this. Even hardcore kids like this band, based on how many Expire shirts I saw last night.


“Doesn’t it feel good to be invisible
Just like the way I used to be”

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