On Sunday, April 28th, La Dispute brought their nationwide tour to a stop in Denver, Co. Summit Music Hall hosted the show. It was the first time for me being back at this venue since the reconstruction and it looks great. There are a few more spots to sit up and overlook the floor, which I greatly appreciated. I found a great spot on the far right, ate some pizza and enjoyed a hell of a night of music.

Slow Mass opened the show with heavy, guitar driven music. Their songs filled the space of the hall with a density that felt like the ever drifting night creeping with energy. It was the perfect opening for this trio — an anxious awakening that this night is going to be the real thing. Next, Gouge Away ripped through their set time with urgency. I had been reading and hearing about Gouge Away for the past seven months, and I was excited to see them live. “Ghost” and “Fed Up” were perfect in every way. “Swallow” gripped me with a tangible emotive soundscape bursting from the anchor of the microphone. Since the show, I have had the band on a steady repeat and am itching to see them again.

La Dispute took the stage and never let command of the audience go. The two “FULTON STREET” tracks set up the always present emotions with carefully constructed crescendos and delicate instrumentals. The best thing about La Dispute is the detail and fervor of woven stories with music. The weight and power of their discography is immense. The group played through songs off of their entire discography, with “A Poem,” “First Reactions After Falling Through Ice,” & “New Storms For Old Lovers” really swept me into another world of emotion. La Dispute commented on the DIY spaces of Denver, showcasing their roots and staying true to help grow music.

The tour has a few stops left throughout the country and without a doubt any of these bands should be seen.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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