Words & Photos by Cam Evans

I’ll be honest and say that I’m mostly a casual fan of Lords Of Acid. There’s a hand full of songs that I really enjoyed, but I never got too familiar with their music. However, after this killer performance at Slim’s in San Francisco, this is a group that I want to dive deeper into.

Lords of Acid is a Belgian and American based post-industrial fronted by Praga Khan and vocalist DJ Mea, taking the place of Jade 4U and Deborah Ostrega in 2011. The tour was meant to celebrate the re-releases of their out-of-print classics LUST, Voodoo-U, Our Little Secret, and Farstucker on Metropolis Records.

The show in San Francisco featured opening acts Combichrist, Christian Death, En Esch (ex-KMFDM member) and Wiccid, which were terrific leading up to the Lords themselves.

Their set, mostly consisting of tracks from Voodoo-U along with some other popular songs, was bombastic and fun with DJ Mea carrying that energy on stage stomping around going mad over Khan’s hard and sexual beats alongside the other musicians. During their song “Pussy” is where the set turned into a bit of circus act with hula hoop girls, Mea invited one girl on stage, one of the touring crew members took off his shirt and started dancing on stage as well.

Please get the chance to see this band live and check out their albums that they re-released because Praga Khan is an absolute genius.

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