Words by Sierra Bancroft | Photos by Ana Becerra

My first thought when watching MEW perform at The Observatory in Santa Ana was how appropriately named the new album Visuals really is. As they performed flawlessly, videos made personally by the lead singer, Jonas Bjerre, danced across the stage in an impressive kaleidoscope of creatures and lands that seemed to be inspired by dreams and nightmares alike. The most simple way to describe their sound is warm, magical, and uplifting, with cryptic lyrics that tend to allude to something darker. The songs wrap around you and carry you to another world.

When I think of MEW, I think of their ability to start a song and morph it into something unrecognizable by the end, and they certainly delivered that live, leaving me feeling surprised and wanting more at the end of every song. By the end of the show, I was left with a deeper appreciation for this group of talented musicians. I definitely recommend taking the time to see them play live when given the opportunity. You will not be disappointed.

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