Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

In June of 2002, mewithoutYou put out their debut album, [A → B] Life, on Tooth and Nail records. Which kick start a very long and amazing musical career for these Pennsylvania boys. Fast forward to 2017, celebrating 15 years of the record. The band hit the road to play their debut record from front to back across the country.

Taken with them were Northern California’s Strawberry Girls and Baltimore screamo powerhouse Pianos Become The Teeth. Also tagging along with them for the second half of this tour is Chicago’s Slow Mass. (But this show is part of the first half… welp!)

Opening the show was experimental trio, Strawberry Girls from Salinas, CA. I always hear their name from friends but have never actually listened or seen them live. So this was a treat to finally catch them and I was absolutely blown away. Personally, I’m very picky with instrumental bands but I definitely fell in love with the jams this band was playing. It’s chill but upbeat. Like playing Ridge Racer in the arcade. A band you must check out forreals.

If you know me in real life, then you probably know how much of a Pianos Become The Teeth fan boy I am. I’ve seen PBTT play a living room as well as the biggest stages. So, obviously I was pretty excited to see them on this tour. And as usual, Pianos dropped a barrage of feels, playing the jams from “Lack Long After” and “Keep You.” Also, the band finished recording a new album a few months back and it was really great to hear a couple of new songs. So to my friends at Epitaph, my body is ready for that.

Finally, mewithoutYou hits the stage and didn’t waste anytime throwing a high energy set. Playing [AB] Life from front to back. 15 years and 5 albums later, MWY makes playing that 2002 record in its entirety look so easy. The crowd was very into it, from crowd surfers to stage divers, it was a perfect rock show. Also happy that I finally got to hear “Nice and Blue” live (they played it in 2014 and I missed it). By the way, Aaron Weiss is the best front man in the history of the entire universe!

So happy 15 years to one of the records that molded my love for loud, screamy music.

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“I’m not the boy that
I once was, but I’m not the man I’ll be.”

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