Photos by Victoria Jones

This tour has changed so many times that it has been challenging to keep up, but the final lineup they landed on ended up being great. Initially, Chelsea Grin was going to be on it, but due to health emergencies, they had to drop off. Like Moths To Flames took their place and it was a match made in heaven. As bummed as everyone was when they found out Chelsea Grin was not going to be on tour anymore, just as many people were excited to see that LMTF had replaced them. Unfortunately, Ice Nine Kills did not play the show I covered, and I was sad to hear I would be missing them. They are an incredible band live and are always so much fun, but their drummer, Conner, was in the hospital with pneumonia, so they had to skip it. Thus, the lineup for the show ended up being: Like Moths To Flames, Every Time I Die, and Motionless in White.

As I said before: Like Moths To Flames was an excellent choice for this tour. They are heavy, loud and all around enjoyable and they fit in perfectly with the already powerful lineup this tour had. They started their set with “New Plagues” which seemed appropriate since it’s the opening song on their newest album; then following it with the second song “Nowhere Left To Sink.” They have changed up their sound recently, but this did not affect the crowd’s enthusiasm at all. The majority of their set was newer music, but they did throw it back to 2012 and play the song everyone recognizes and knows them for, “GNF.” There was not a single person in the room who wasn’t at least head-banging, but most people were screaming the lyrics and had their hands in the air. Not a bad way to start out a show.

I love Every Time I Die, and I have only ever seen them at Warped Tour, so I was very excited to see them in an inside venue. They took a different approach to their set. They started with an older song, “Decaying With The Boys” and then went even older, with songs like, “We’reWolf,” and “Cities and Years” and then coming back around to their newer music with “The Coin Has A Say” and “It Remembers.” They can hype up a crowd like nothing else I have seen. They have a reputation too. While standing in the pit waiting for them to come out, a security guard leaned over to another one and said, “You better be ready, these guys are crazy, and the crowd will be insane”; that is the most accurate description of Every Time I Die that could be given. Their set was insane from start to finish. There were so many crowd surfers that extra security had to rush into the pit to catch them all. All the while, ETID guitarist, Jordan is going crazy, doing high kicks, punk jumps, playing his guitar up in the air and just having a blast. Keith is obviously the other member that immediately grabs your attention. His voice commands a room, and he never stops moving around. They are exactly what you want a hardcore show to be. There’s a reason they have been around for so long.

As for Motionless In White, I have never seen a cult following like theirs. As soon as I arrived at the venue, it was apparent who people were there to see. From people in their merchandise to those who had painted their faces and bodies, it was clear why they were there. The line outside went around the block as everyone stood in the cold waiting to get inside and grab a good spot. It took MIW awhile to get their stage setup ready, but oh it was worth it. The drums were set up in the back with graveyard angels on each side, accompanied by jack-o-lanterns and gravestones. Each microphone stand had a skeleton attached to it with glowing ruby red eyes, except for Chris’ stand, which had dark red roses hung upside down on it. The entire setup paid homage to everything Halloween and horror, which to no surprise, is what this band is known for. The band filed on stage one by one and the crowd went absolutely insane. All members in their normal attire, black paint, makeup, and Ghost in a crazy, awesome outfit.

The whole room filled with cheering when Chris took the stage, and you could tell how happy he was to be there. They started their set with a newer song, “Rats” which was a great choice considering it’s the opener from their most recent album, “Graveyard Shift” and it has a very heavy metal, Marilyn Manson vibe to it. They played a well-balanced mix of new and old songs: “Reincarnate,” “Necessary Evil,” “Abigail,” A-M-E-R-I-C-A,” “Devil’s Night,” “Dead as F*ck” and then immediately followed by “Not My Type: Dead as F*ck 2”. They unsurprisingly did an encore. Considering the fact that the crowd went absolutely insane when they finished their last song, it was to be expected. They finished the night out with “Eternally Yours” and it felt like people would have stayed and listened to them for hours more if they could. People were just as energetic during the last song as they were during the first. Motionless in White might have some of the most devoted fans I have seen and that makes the energy at their shows so much fun.

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