Words & Photos by Amber James

Papa Roach’s Crooked Teeth tour is a tour stacked with energetic and dynamic live acts with Escape the Fate and Nothing More providing support; Jacoby Shaddix and company provided the perfect finale to the night. With their breathtaking lighting display, Papa Roach started their set with the dramatic drop of a kabuki cloth and opened with the title track of the tour as well as their most recent full length release.

This was my first time experiencing Papa Roach and they absolutely blew my mind. A good chunk of bands who have been around as long as they have seem to have a tendency to dial in a performance and you can tell they would rather be doing anything else. That is wholeheartedly not the case whatsoever with Papa Roach. They command the stage, (a very large stage I might add), like the seasoned professionals that they are. Shaddix bounds around the stage with the seeming energy of an Energizer Bunny while guitarist, Jerry Horton, and bassist, Tobin Esperance, head banged and added to the energy of the night.

A good chunk of their set consisted of newer tracks off their last two releases, Crooked Teeth, which their world tour is promoting as well as their 2015 release, F.E.A.R.. But, never fear, they also played the classics and some fan favorites from the early days. Songs such as “Broken” and “Between Angels and Insects” off their debut full length, Infest, were included in the set list. Probably one of the most memorable, not to mention emotional, was their small tribute to Chester Bennington as they incorporated a snippet of “In the End” into the end of their track, “Forever.” And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Papa Roach set if it didn’t include “Scars” and “Last Resort”, which were a part of their three song encore. Overall, they played a twenty one song set, maintaining their level of intensity gusto throughout the entire set.


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