Words by Steph Malfatto | Photos by Alyson Coletta

Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive invaded Starland Ballroom on Friday, October 7th. Even though it was their second time this year playing a show in the Sayreville, NJ venue, they still were able to pack the place from wall to wall, which is honestly truly impressive. Not only did they manage to squeeze hundreds of fans into the venue, but also these fans were definitely the loyal-type, wearing Parkway Drive merchandise and anxiously awaiting their set to start. It seems as if Parkway has been non-stop touring the world since their 2015 release Ire and they show no plans of slowing down anytime soon. They are currently touring North America on the “Unbreakable” tour, with support from We Came As Romans and Counterparts.


Before Parkway Drive hit the stage Friday night fans were chanting “PARKWAY DRIVE! PARKWAY DRIVE!” and suddenly the time that the whole room had waited for was finally here. Parkway took the stage in pure darkness and as they went into Ire’s “Crushed” bright lights illuminated them. Their set was a great mix of their past five releases, which long-time fans were definitely ecstatic about. Their second song of the set was “Carrion” fan favorite off of their 2009 release Horizons. As soon as the first note of the song hit fans went wild, as they did for various songs in the set.’


Before going into “Boneyards” singer Winston McCall explained that the last time they played Starland fans had been chanting for the song and they had practiced the song just to play it on this tour. McCall also took a few moments during the set to extend his gratitude to all of the fans spending the night at the show and as he was performing fans could see his gratefulness written all over his face. He looked as if he was born to perform. Not only was the band completely solid performance wise, but they also had confetti shoot out during specific moments of the set and even CO2 cannons.


One of the most prominent moments of the set was before they went into “Vice Grip” off their latest album; confetti shot out and the crowd loved it. “Bottom Feeder” was the perfect end to Parkway’s incredible set. It had just the right amount of energy packed into it to send the band and the rest of the fans off on a great note. Parkway Drive definitely put on one of the best shows that have hit Starland Ballroom this year; they are a band that a fan does not want to miss. You can catch them in various U.S. and Canadian cities within the next month until October 25th.


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