Words by Meaghan D’Amico | Photos by Alyson Coletta

The Collapse The World Tour stopped in New York City on May 9th at Terminal 5, and it was nothing short of unrelenting as soon the first opening band, Vein took the stage. After The Burial took the stage soon after and while their set was insane, it was just a warm-up for what was to come.

By the time that Parkway Drive took the stage the crowd was riled up and ready to go. They opened with ‘Wishing Wells’ off of their latest release, Reverence. The set opened with just vocalist Winston McCall standing by himself on stage reciting the opening verse of the song. The onslaught of metalcore riffs and intense screams came not too long after, and the crowd went off. From the start of the set chaos ensued throughout the venue’s three levels, and the level of energy didn’t falter once throughout their performance. As you watch Parkway Drive perform, the smiles on their faces when seeing the crowd screaming the words back to them never disappear. You can tell that despite them being around for over a decade, these 5 Australian boys are still loving what they do and that they’re grateful for every fan that they have.

About half of the set came from their latest effort, but they made sure to tie in fan favorites off of previous releases. The band banged through a 13-song set including “Karma,” “Wild Eyes,” and “Bottom Feeder.” And if we’re being honest, no one would’ve been disappointed if they extended their set to include more songs. It was my first time seeing Parkway Drive and they did not disappoint. The band puts on an incredible set and is highly recommended any time they’re near you.

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