Words & Photos by Joe Calixto

In my list of bands I’ve been wanting to see. I’d say Pity Sex and Petal are in my top 20. So when the opportunity to see both of them in one night arose, I had to be there. I haven’t been at the Troubadour since Brand New played there a couple of years ago before their discography shows happened and having just moved back to Los Angeles, I forgot that there is no such thing as a quiet night in West Hollywood.

I get to the venue and there was a decent line going, that slowly packed the venue as doors opened. First off was Petal. Scranton, PA native Kiley Lotz, along side her touring band, brought a good blend of mellow and loud to West Hollywood, which kicked off the night perfectly. Petal is definitely a must see (also, earlier in the day, singer Kiley was in the hospital for food poisoning, and she still managed to play one amazing set! Mad props to you!).

Next up was PWR BTTM. I’ve heard sooooo much about this band the last few weeks that I was really stoked to catch them live. What happened next was a very fabulous mix of fast riffs, guitar tapping, instrument switching, head banging, sandals, face paint, glitter and the word “bitch.” Liv and Ben may be all fun and games on stage but their message about the LGBTQ is loud and strong.

Headlining the show is Ann Arbor outfit, Pity Sex. As their banner was lifted on stage, the crowd cheered as the band started to play. Along with the hits the band played songs from their latest record White Hot Moon, which came out a couple of months ago. This was totally how I pictured my first Pity Sex show would go down.

Check out some photos from the show… down below!

Pity Sex




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