Words and Photos by Cam Evans

On tour for their recently released new album, Victory Lap,¬†Propagandhi was an experience that kicked my ass and almost wrecked my camera. What I mean by that is hurling myself into the mosh pit that was going on in the front row, along with getting hit in the back of the head from some of the people that were crowd surfing, to photograph these Canadian punks for the sake of getting a good photograph of this sold-out show. The energy that was brought that night was hectic, crazy, and most importantly kind of fun and heart pounding for me. Aside from a couple of songs (including the ones about ska and sticking the flag up your dad’s ass), I never got too deep into Propagandhi. However, I was interested in checking out what this band is all about since this was a name that came up during discussions of punk rock in the 1990’s.

I talked to couple of fans during the show about the band, and one of which was writing a very long love letter to the group and it sort of made me realize how loving and supporting the fans were and even towards the opening acts Bad Cop/Bad Cop and RIVR, who were also excellent. Despite the issues of having no photo pit, and Propagandhi’s set seeming short, I had a blast and just loved all the positive vibes and political and social awareness, which is what a good punk rock show should do towards dummies like me.

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