Words & Photos by Amber James

Cherry Pools was, by far, the perfect opener for this tour. They emerged from backstage clad in outfits that threw an homage to a mod style and mod sound. Their stage setup played into that vibe as well with both a neon sign emblazoned with the band’s name with a matching neon lit mic stand for vocalist Martin Broda. It wasn’t until during the process of writing up this review that I discovered Broda was one of the former vocalists for Abandon All Ships back in the day. To see this complete change of genre blew my mind and I’m in absolute love and I can’t wait to see what else this band does. Playing singles like ‘Forever Young’ and ‘Are You in Love?’ with their upbeat, catchy sound it was almost impossible to not want to move and dance around to their music. After a half hour, it was over and it already seemed like it was too soon.

Outside of Warped Tour, it had been nearly three years since I had last seen Pvris play a show. The last time had been a sold out show at the California Brew Haus in Rochester, a venue with a capacity of around two hundred. So, getting to see Lynn Gunn and company perform to yet another sold out crowd at the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, this time a venue with a capacity of just under a thousand made my heart warm to see how much they’ve achieved and how far they’ve come in these few years. Emerging onto the stage, their stage setup consisted of two drum sets and three piano rigs, manned by all the individual members of the band.

Their set consisted of an almost even split featuring tracks from both their full lengths as well as bonus track off of White Noise, ‘You and I’. About three fourths of the way through the set, Lynn and guitarist Alex Babinski got set to perform a stripped down version of ‘Same Soul’ off their most recent full length. As Lynn sat down at her piano, a rousing fit of cheers from fans started and didn’t let up for nearly five minutes. The sheer amount of joy that the cheers seemed to bring Lynn was evident on her face, even from across the venue and that was, by far, one of the best moments of the night. Towards the end of the set, fans who were in the first row hung pride flags, emblazoned with the phrase ‘BuffaLove’, they had brought with them over the barricade. Lynn came and collected them to drape on her mic stand as they finished out their set. Now an encore was to be expected with a crowd like this and, soon enough, the quartet walked back onto the stage. Performing ‘No Mercy’, at one point, supported by TM/manager Matty Arsenault, Lynn climbed the barricade and out into the crowd for the end of the song.

Despite how big this band has already gotten in such a short period of time, I can guarantee it won’t be long until they’re even bigger. Make sure you catch them on the rest of the dates of their headliner if they come near you!


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