Words & Photos by Rebecca Reed

After being forced to cancel some of their east coast dates due to the “snow storm of the century” that wielded a whopping 3 inches of snow, the tour came back to NYC for 2 shows. I was able to catch the first and it was a night full of black and white checkerboard, skanking and fun. Ballyhoo took the stage first; they are always super fun and full of energy.

Up next were Less Than Jake. In the 18 years that I’ve been going to their shows they have never disappointed. I don’t know how they keep it up night after night. Also, always fun when a band loves the camera. They came out to smoke and confetti, which is really how all of us want to enter a room, right? The powered through a 15 song set list which included plenty of new and old to keep everyone stoked. They then came back for a 3 song encore, because it’s Less than Jake!

Less Than Jake Set List:
Look What Happened
Nervous in the Alley
The Ghosts of Me and You
Good Enough
How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings?
Automatic / We’re All Dudes / Automatic
Sugar in Your Gas Tank
Harvey Wallbanger
Overrated (Everything Is)
Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts
The Science of Selling Yourself Short
Give Me Something to Believe In
Plastic Cup Politics
The Rest of My Life
History of a Boring Town
All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Last up was Reel Big Fish. I skanked, not gonna lie. I sang along, lost my voice, (Less Than Jake added to this) and had more fun than I have in a long time. Everyone in the crowd was moving and singing and no one missed a beat. They even threw in some Nirvana to keep things interesting. This entire show did not let down at all.

Reel Big Fish Set List:
Everyone Else Is an Asshole
All I Want Is More
The Kids Don’t Like It
Party Down
Trendy / Hate Your Guts
Brown Eyed Girl
(Van Morrison cover)
You Don’t Know
Don’t Start a Band
Boss DJ
(Sublime cover)
I Know You Too Well to Like You Anymore / She Has A Girlfriend Now
Where Have You Been
Sell Out
Olé, olé olé ole
Take on Me
(a-ha cover)”

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