A night of chaos commenced at the iconic D Performance Comedy Theater in notorious Gary, Indiana with a lineup of Midwest-meets-East-Coast heavy-hitters for a show that will be looked back on as an iconic, legendary gig.

From start to finish, the night was filled with all-killer-no-filler hardcore featuring Chicago natives Bovice and MH Chaos delivering a soundtrack to an ass beating. Pennsylvania’s Street Struck brought that awesome hardcore/metal crossover sound that brings out the best of both genres while putting their own unique twist on it, and Chicago’s Sector with New Jersey’s Raw Life performed a split set in promotion of their newest split EP.

You could feel the anticipation and intensity building up leading to Shattered Realm’s set since this was, per Joe Hardcore, only the fourth or fifth in their entire, 21-year career they have played the Chicagoland area, mostly recently being The Rumble 2018 (as Shattered Realm A.D.), then in 2005, and then either two or three times between 2001 to 2004.

Before Shattered Realm started their set, there were fans running side-to-side stirring the pit up in eagerness just to the sound of the instruments being turned on, followed by what can only be described as getting down 219 style with people picking up the sound amps on their shoulders like a boombox and a show that felt more like a party.

Put simply, Shattered Realm leveled the venue with their perfect blend of metal and hardcore, creating a truly unmatched blistering and punishing sound unique to them that can be imitated, but never replicated. That exact blend of heavy hitting riffs, pounding drums, the mastering of the iconic (and terrifying) slowdown paired with the china symbol before the chaos, and punishing vocals with brutally honest lyrics to match would leave most running scared to the back of the room … but you’re in Gary, Indiana where instead of running for cover, the room only moves up closer while the rest of the space looks like a hurricane of bodies.



Street Struck




MH Chaos


Raw Life


Shattered Realm


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