Words and photos by Joe Calixto | Additional photos by Sam Jameson

…and that day is today.

Day 2 of Sound and Fury 2017 brought to us a whole different batch of hardcore heavy hitters. The high from the day before was still fresh in the system of the attendees and didn’t waste anytime.

The Bay Area’s Profile,  Primal Rite and Torso along with Baltimore hardcore outfit Queensway got the day rolling. One of my favorite sets of the fest was totally Vein. Holy..shit..bruh! That set was next level. Unfortunately, someone got badly hurt during their set, which is always a bummer but if she’s reading this, I hope for a quick and smooth recovery.

The rest of the day gave us insane sets from Bent Life, Gatecreeper, crowd favorites Krimewatch, and my favorites DangersYou can pretty much say the day’s lineup was unreal.

Onto the homestretch. If you look at the last six bands of the day, you would be like (insert thinking face emoji here). You had Free to start with, then the return of Los Angeles’ very own More to Pridethen the man himself Harley Flanagan. Following him was Turnoverwhich calmed the storm a little bit. It was a good sight to see all the people who spent all day trying to kick each others heads off take a breather and bob their heads and even shed a little tear to “New Scream.”

After that very calming Turnover performance, Incendiary took over the stage and just dropped a whole fuck ton of hard. There was a part mid-set where the lights went off and all hell broke lose. A very very very awesome set.

When the complete line up was announced and it showed Trapped Under Ice in there a lot of people took over the hardcore internet in excitement. A lot of those people also bought tickets to Sound and Fury. Anyways, TUI was nothing short of amazing. Just like the Turnstile set the previous day. We saw some high flying stage divers, people trying to mic grab and just a whole floor of chaos. What an end to another incredible year of Sound and Fury.

Some photos from Day 1 below.

Also check out some of my boy Sam Jameson’s photos. Welcome to the team my dude! You can see all his sick work over at his IG: @slamjameson


I wanna thank Riley and Martin for always putting in work to throw one hell of a weekend. Til the next year. The summer will be hot again, IMO.

Shout outs to all the photographers and filmers that shot this festival. True MVPs. You know who you are!

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