This is one of those shows where I saw the tour get announced, and I wanted nothing more but to cover the Los Angeles stop. For christ’s sake, IT’S A THRICE AND TOUCHE AMORE TOUR!

Both these bands need no introduction—if you listen to hardcore or post hardcore, you probably have heard (or absolutely love) these bands. Unfortunately, Self Defense Family couldn’t make the second half of the tour but it was still one banger of a night.

Touche Amore, a band that I’ve seen countless of times for over a decade now, from house shows to the biggest stages, took the Palladium stage (surprisingly, for the first time) and didn’t waste any time handing over the hits. The band released their fifth studio album, Lament, last year and this was the first time they were able to tour for it. TA is will always be my favorite band to shoot and to watch.

Thrice are no strangers to putting out an epic performance. From the moment they stepped foot on stage til the end, the band gave Los Angeles a run for their money with a very well curated setlist that pretty much tackled a lot of the new stuff and almost all the older hits. This band can do no wrong.

Both bands have new records out on Epitaph, so make sure to check those out!

My head would spin and swiftly dance between the whys

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