Words by Sean Gonzalez | Photos by Ada Brumback

After the recent interview discussing the invalid terminology of “Female Fronted” bands not being a genre from Brianna Collins, Jessica Knight and Marissa Ward-Hamilton — of Tigers Jaw, Looming and Backwing respectively — I was beyond elated to see this tour. In one thousand ways the column is correct, this was a tour featuring three dazzling bands (Yowler being the other). Tigers Jaw has been a band I have seen twice before (and very recently) and their energy for every show has not slowed down. Their reputation and professionalism continues to be noticed. The best part of all is they have plenty of fun on the stage, and everyone can see it. Whether it’s the smiles one sees between members, the emphatic movements across the stage or the endless thank you’s, this band enjoys playing for their crowds. And we the crowd love them back. From anthemic songs like “The Sun” to hypnotic bangers like “Guardian,” the set was beyond perfect. Voices all around were in a constant sing along. It was also nice to see the band come to a different city and play for new fans. 

I was not entirely familiar with Yowler, but the soft opening and discussion about making songs about friendship had me hooked in. Their songwriting is elegant and had a free spirited appeal to it, giving audiences a unique intimacy that  was needed between the loud and sometimes abrasive atmosphere of Looming and the constant crowd surges of Tigers Jaw. On my hour drive home after the show I used half of it familiarizing more with Yowler, really bringing out their identity during a calm and soothing night drive. 

Opening the show were some amazing friends of mine and some I have spent on the road with. Looming have an aspect to their music that is punched with gut wrenching emotion and really impressive dynamics. The drums wrap around the other instruments and give them a steady (albeit loud) foundation to find space to work with. Songs like “Queen” and “Output” showcase the band’s gritty rhythmic pulses, while the biting and tearjerking vulnerable “Seed” show a gleaming dichotomy to the group’s sound. I was beyond happy to see them on a proper stage with a blisteringly perfect PA. Also, they play a beautiful cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries.

This entire show was well worth it, and each of these three gifted  bands should be seen live whenever they play in your city (or the city next to yours). Thanks endlessly to Ada Brumback for capturing these shots of the band (and for always being on tour).


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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