Words by Davon Charles | Photos by Maggie Friedman

Too Close to Touch & Waterparks put on a wonderful co-headliner in Baltimore, Maryland. This was the first headlining venture for both bands and it proved to be extremely prosperous. Baltimore was just one of many of the sold out shows of the month long tour that traveled all across the U.S.

The night got off to a good start with the incredibly unique, Chapel. The Georgia pop band played nothing but jams. Despite only playing one previously released song, the crowd was thoroughly engaged throughout the set and the band’s creativity shined. I’ve been intrigued by the band since the debut of “Caught Up,” but their performance left me eager to get through the next month to see them again.

Following Chapel’s stellar  performance, the room swiftly filled with emotion as Too Close to Touch hit the stage with the touching, “Sympathy.” They built up song perfectly; Starting with synth and vocals, followed by drums and strings before the explosive drop kicked in. The song is a great opener for the album and the way they tailored it for the live performance was even more fulfilling. The set continued on with a flawless blend of old and new music. We got to hear the soothing sounds of crashing waves in “The Art of Eye Contact”, before being absolutely wrecked by the gravity of “Nerve Endings.”

Of course, nothing compares to the final song of the set. The band finished with “Eiley,” completely engulfing the room with a beautifully somber atmosphere. Fans have been begging to hear the song live since its debut last year and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. I may never get the sound of the audience screaming ‘Take me instead!’ out of my head, nor do want to. The experience left me completely drained, yet desperate for more.

Luckily, the incredibly fun, Waterparks were there to cap off a solid night of music. These guys had the crowd ecstatic from the jump and after watching them perform, I understand why. They were fantastic, musically, and did a great job of engaging the fans. Bad jokes, stage dives, crowd surfers, sweaty towels, and sick music reigned supreme during the set and that’s how a concert should be.

Admittedly, I went into the show not knowing much of this band, but as I write this I find myself cycling through multiple catchy songs in my head. During the show, Awsten Knight noted that he liked us more than the Whole Foods down the road. Well Awsten, the feelings mutual. The Texas trio brings a stimulating twist to the pop punk genre and it’s very refreshing. I’m excited to dive deeply into their records and I can’t wait to see them on their next outing.

This was a special tour. Seeing TCTT headline after years of watching them playing five song sets was a pleasure on its own. Seeing a new band conquer the stage and finding another artist to add to my rotation is even more than I’d asked for. Each band brought a different sound & energy to the venue. Each made us feel a different emotion and remember why we love music. If you missed this tour, be sure to catch these bands as soon as you can. All of these bands are on the rise and are sure to create awesome things in the future.

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