Words & Photos By Wayne Ballard

As September was coming to a close, Suburban Fight came together to throw down one of my most anticipated shows of the summer.

Kicking off the show was Australian Hardcore outfit, Primitive Blast. While they had to play with two fill in members on this show, they still managed to absolutely kill it. 15 or so minutes of pure fury, set was over in the blink of an eye. They have a new self-titled 7″ out on Last Ride Records and Undertone Records, I highly suggest checking it out.

Ingrown took the stage shortly after Primitive Blast wrapped up. Now I know when the discussion of hardcore comes up, bands from Idaho probably aren’t even on your radar, but Ingrown threw down what was easily one of my favorite sets of the night. This three piece set the tone for the night with their energy and getting the crowd going. Their newest EP, entitled Meathead, is available now through Alternatives Label.

Next up was Olympia, WA punk powerhouse, Gag. What really needs to be said here? Gag continues to be one of the exciting bands to watch in all of music and this particular set was no exception. This landed as my third time seeing Gag in 2017 and yet again, they didn’t disappoint. One of my favorite bands to watch and one of my favorite bands to document. They have a new 12″ coming out on Triple B Records sometime in the near future.

Forced Order took the stage next. September 29th marked the official start to the One Last Prayer record release weekend and what a set to kickoff the release weekend. I’ve been able to watch Forced Order play regularly since the birth of the band in 2014 and I can say without a doubt they’re at the strongest right now. One Last Prayer is a force to be reckoned with and should be on your “must listen” list if you have yet to check it out.

Closing out the night was Baltimore’s Trapped Under Ice. Chances are if you listen to hardcore in any manner, you’re familiar with this band or at least their name. 2017 marked a new chapter in the bands life with the release of their new full length, Heatwave. I’ve been able to see Trapped Under Ice more times than I can count at this point and they still manage to be one of the most consistent active hardcore bands. Their set was a great mix of new tracks and old, which kept the energy of the room at a peak. Perfect set to close the night.

In closing, Suburban Fight is one of my favorite things going on in Southern California right now. If you are into hardcore/punk, live in or around Southern California and aren’t keeping up to date with them, I suggest changing that immediately. Suburban Fight Forever.


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