Words & Photos by Kyle Bergfors

It’s been seven years since Trapped Under Ice, Baltimore hardcore legends, have played Chicago or anywhere near it. Due to this, you could feel the excitement and anticipation in the room as 300 people squeezed into a sold-out Cobra Lounge Sunday night to see Trapped Under Ice’s return to the Chicago stage during a double header weekend featuring Vein/Sanction in Northwest Indiana the Saturday before and then TUI the following day. A sold out show of 300 people in a small room had all the symptoms to be an off-the-walls night.

Indeed, the night did not disappoint. From the first band, local hardcore punk band Vortex got the room moving and everyone’s blood flowing followed by California’s own Diztort who holds a similar style to Vortex aka fast and heavy. Next up was Queensway, who also hail from Baltimore, who delivered an insanely heavy and hard-hitting performance featuring low bass riffs, mosh-worthy breakdowns, and vocals to match. Queensway was the perfect introduction to a TUI show continuing to warm up the room, leaving no room for boredom. Finally, the reason why everyone was there was Trapped Under Ice. I have never seen a band get a room moving and clamoring to climb on stage to then jump off of before then Trapped Under Ice. From the opening note, TUI did not hold back giving a performance worthy of seven years of waiting along with a crowd that also didn’t hold back, showing that Chicago can rival many other areas of the country. Trapped Under Ice gave a god tier level performance truly demonstrating why they are a legacy act in hardcore due to their effortless and natural on-stage showmanship and intense live shows resulting in a shining example of how a hardcore show is supposed to be. Overall, Trapped Under Ice’s performance reminded me of why I enjoy hardcore in the first place. That a hardcore show is supposed to be more than just showing up to a concert venue to see live music, it is supposed to be an experience that you can remember for the rest of your life. I believe Trapped Under Ice is a text-book example of this idea. If you ever have the opportunity to see Trapped Under Ice, do not miss the rare chance.




Trapped Under Ice


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