Words by Sean Gonzalez | Photos by Jacki Vitetta

What a night this was! An energetic four band lineup that stomped through Denver, Colorado with the crowd wanting more. Turnstile knows how to put a package together! Unfortunately I missed the first half of The Razorbumps due to time confusion and public transit times, but the last two songs I heard were loud and full of the kinetic energy that was needed to set this night off. Culture Abuse picked up immediately with their newest single “Calm E,” diving into sentimental tunes that spark a sentiment to their sound but are distilled with a wonderfully, hazy punk aesthetic. “Dream On” was a crowd pleaser that sent a powerful surge into the pit, starting the emotional pitfall that was up next.

To be honest, I was not entirely prepared for Touché Amoré. Their latest album, Stage Four, is an emotional roller coaster that really brings to light the struggles of dealing with loss. The songs hit hard quick with “Rapture” and “Flowers & You” diving into the hearts of listeners and ripping the strings out. Every song I wanted to hear live was played, throughout their amazing catalogue. From “~” to “Just Exist,” this set was packed full of tearjerking nostalgia, heartache and of course the ambitiously devastating instrumentals that are layered behind the vocals. “Palm Dreams” was the highlight for me.

The ever furious and constantly stamina driven Turnstile ripped through the stage of The Marquis Theater for their entire set. Recently the group released their latest record, Time & Space and have not stopped their epic beatdowns since. Their fun filled punk crunch was fantastic to hear live, especially on tracks “Generator,” “Moon,” & fanfare crazy “Fazed Out.” The set was full of louder than my earplugs could maintain sounding riffs that kept every head banging, every body moving and feet jumping for the entirety of the set. This was an incredible way to spend a night and Turnstile brought a infectious smile to my face that hasn’t left. Hardcore is fun again. Thank you.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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