The World is A Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die are one those bands that you’ve probably only heard of because of the crazy long and unique name, or you’re one of the many people who followed the emo revival, and you can agree that this band are one of those who lead the way of that.

It’s been four years since TWIABP’s last studio record, and the band announced a new record along with a tour to support it in August of this year. On October 8, they band released their fourth studio album, Illusory Walls. The band took Boston art-rock band, Bent Knee as direct support for the tour and enlisted some bands such as Greet Death, Sunsleeper, Gates, and State Faults.

The Los Angeles stop for this tour was set at the Lodge Room in the neighborhood of Highland Park, a venue that I have been growing to love as of late, and ev the the show started late, TWIABP fans stayed and vibed with the band as they played a good mixture of songs from the new record and some classic bops.

There are still two weeks left of this tour, so I suggest if you want a good, hard-hitting emo gig, check this tour out. Also, Gates are on that tour now. What the heck are you even waiting for!

And be sure to check out the new TWIABP record on Epitaph Records.

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