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This was my third time seeing United Nations perform and it was by far the best. The emo-revival group comprised of members of Pianos Become The Teeth and Thursday set out to do three shows before entering the studio in Brooklyn to record a new album. I have never seen a sub-par performance from these gentlemen and was looking forward to the show.

To open the night, UN brought a taste of the DC music scene with them. Crushed, and Loud Boyz brought their traditional punk rock roots. To round things off, another DC band called Black Clouds performed with a Pink Floyd type light show that set the mood and tone.

Finally it was time for UN to take the stage and they did so with nothing but grinning mouths. They opened the set up with the first track (“Pity Animal”) off of their 7″ put out by Deathwish Inc. This happened to be one of my favorite songs of theirs so I was overjoyed that it would be the first thing I’d hear. As the set went on, front man Geoff Rickly (of Thursday) kept his political yet tasteful commentaries going between songs. The most memorable part of their set that night was how heavy some of the parts had gotten. For a band that likes to play fast overpowering blast beats, these guys have parts in their music that are heavy and short lived. The kind of riffs that are so good but short that you can’t help but feel like you’ve been teased.

UN played a diverse amount of songs from their catalog including “United Nations Vs. United Nations” and “f#a#$.” Each track had even more energy than the previous. It was fantastic seeing them again and they held up to the high standard that I have acquired for them over the years. United Nations went into the Converse Rubber Tracks studio the next day to begin tracking their new album, which is something that everybody should keep their eyes and ears out for.

United Nations

Black Clouds

Loud Boyz


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