Words by Joe Calixto | Photos by Wayne Ballard

If you’re into hardcore or just heavy music in general. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the The Life and Death Tour. On its 4th year running, the tour brings out the top and up & coming hardcore bands from across the world on a tour of the United States and parts of Canada.

This tour has featured bands like Turnstile, Incendiary, Freedom, Forced Order, Bane, Terror, Backtrack, Harms Way and so many more in the previous years. This year’s line up was stacked beyond any other hardcore tour so far in 2017.

We got the chance to catch the tour kick off in Los Angeles, CA over at the Union Club, which is a venue who is no stranger to banger hardcore shows like this.

Getting the night started was Oxnard,CA’s Dead Heat. They could pretty much be considered the local opener. Knowing these guys, they’re definitely a band who you need to check out. Out the gates, they threw an in-your-face set even as people slowly started to pack the room. Swear to God! Get on this band.

Next up is the first band on the tour package. Boston’s very own Vein has stuck with me since the first time I’ve seen them at Sound and Fury a few months back. What more can I say about this band? They are absolutely heavy as fuck! Although their pit didn’t surpass the last time they were here, it was still a wild set.

Higher Power took on the stage shortly after. Coming all the way from Leeds in the UK, the band put out of my (and probably yours) favorite records of 2017. Being from across the pond you would think this band has a lot to prove but they’ve been standing their ground for a while. Touring with the likes of Basement, Every Time I Die, Knocked Loose and Broken Teeth, a tour this size is nothing to them. Noticeably a crowd favorite. Also, take my word. Listen to Soul Structure.

Up next was Los Angeles very own Twitching TonguesLA loves their hometown bands and the pit for TT showed that. Starting their set with a very entertaining intro skit, the band (and the crowd) didn’t waste anytime showing how Los Angeles does it. Twitching Fucking Tongues!

Life and Death alumni, Backtrack took the stage in what I can compare to as a good cardio workout. The New York hardcore outfit hasn’t played as much as they used to so they clearly took this chance to remind the people what the fuck Backtrack was about. The band has a new record coming out soon, so keep an eye out for that bad boy.

Next up was another Life and Death alumni, Los Angeles hardcore heroes Terror took on the stage in what I consider probably the best set of the night. Not to be bias or anything because I’m from Los Angeles. Just let the photos speak for me. That shit went off! Glad to see Scott back at it. Although Terror is only doing a hand full of West Coast dates on this tour, they sure know how to make you forget that they’re only on this tour for a bit.

Finally, a band who is new to the Life and Death tour but no stranger to the scene. Toronto’s hardcore legends No Warning was set to headline the night and the entire tour. Since coming back from a lengthy break, No Warning has filled venues across the world with both old and new fans ready to go hard in the pit and jump off stages. Frontman Ben Cook, sporting his own band’s very very awesome looking soccer jersey, played a good mixture of old bangers and new songs from an upcoming record. No Warning is one of the sickest bands ever.

The night ended on a high, and in my opinion the tour kick off was a great success. The tour still has a ways to go, so be sure to catch one once it hits a town near you. If you’re not into hardcore then still go because this shit is so wild!



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