Words & Photos by Crisanne Glasser

Houston natives, Waterparks, played to a very crowded Starland Ballroom on November 10th. The band opened with, “Blonde,” off their album, Entertainment. With the first kick of the drums, the fans went crazy, and not a single body in the crowd wasn’t dancing along to the song. The band played a mixture of newer and older tracks that the fans went crazy over. The energy in the room was so high that you could literally feel the floor and walls shaking. The band closed their set with “Stupid for You,” a fan favorite, which closed out the night.

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (iDKHOW) opened their set with dark lights, a single voice, and a tambourine, a very different sound for what one would typically expect from a rock concert. The band sang “Nobody Likes the Opening Band,” earning multiple voices from the crowd singing along with them. iDKHOW then went into a fan favorite, “Choke,” and the fans went crazy singing along to every word. You could truly feel the energy in the room that the fans loved iDKHOW. The band continued their set by playing older songs from The Brobecks and newer songs off their EP, “1981 Extended Play,” which had released the day before.

Hailing from California, Super Whatevr played to a very excited Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on November 10th. From the first song to the last, the crowd sang the lyrics out along with SW. The band opened with “Television,” which the crowd danced along to with the band. Frontman, McKee, introduced their song, “Benjamin Alphabet,” by teaching the crowd the chorus to sing along, to which the crowd responded by belting the lyrics out every time the chorus kicked. Later in the set, McKee stage dove into the crowd, earning cheers from fans. All in all, the band played a great set – they had great energy, which the fans ate up.

Be sure to catch the entertainment tour to watch Super Whatevr, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, and Waterparks on The Entertainment Tour until December 1st. Head to waterparksband.com to get tickets in a city near you!

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