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Tonight is another sold out show for While She Sleeps’ You Are We album release tour. The band have been killing it since releasing The North Stands for Nothing. This show has been one I have been looking forward too since seeing them in London at the Old Blue Last.

To kick things off are Fizzy Blood. This band send off Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes vibe, mixed in with a bit of Royal Blood… amazing. The crowd didn’t seem to warm up to them too much as the crowd is mainly metalcore fanatics and are probably just waiting to see In Hearts Wake. I found the set enjoyable, however I think the crowd atmosphere was wrong for the type of band opening this tour.

In Hearts Wake are one of the only bands I haven’t seen who I badly want to see, so tonight was always going to be good. The band come on to “Refuge” off of their split EP with Northlane, which absolutely rips the Rescue Rooms to the ground. The most pit erupts and the set is off to a good start. Fan favourites, such as “Earthwalker,” go over well, along with their newly released song “Warcry.” My first time seeing IHW live could not have been better!

Last but not least is While She Sleeps. I have been into this band for many years now and have had the pleasure of seeing them all around the country. They are one of the only bands I can honestly say get better every time I see them and some how manage to make a set I have already seen fresh. Songs such as “Our Legacy” and “This Is The Six” are some of my favourite WSS songs. Hopefully, one day they’ll add “Crows” back into the set, as I am a massive fan of it.

I always walk out of a While She Sleeps show with a huge grin on myself, while wondering when I will be seeing them live again.

Catch While She Sleeps headline the Pit Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival later this year.

While She Sleeps

In Hearts Wake


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