Words & Photos by James Alvarez

Whores., Atlanta’s wildest noise rock champions, are touring hard in support of their stellar debut album, 2016’s Gold. The band spent the past month tearing through North America with Wrong and Bummer in tow, for what will go down as one of the loudest tours in human history. Each of these bands sonic output could destroy the sturdiest headphones imaginable, but all three on a single bill is a sure fire recipe for hearing loss.

As luck would have it, the packed crowd inside The Echo managed to survive the veritable sonic beat down Whores. and co. brought this past week. That or they merely embraced the joyous pain the riff lords bestowed upon them this night. The room was literally still buzzing from Bummer’s set when we arrived just in time for Wrong to annihilate the stage.

These Florida natives unleashed a barrage of neck snapping goodness from their self-titled debut album, and a lot of hair. While Wrong rocked the house in the hairy shadows, Whores. assaulted the crowd bathed in light.

Whores. delivered one of the most blistering performances The Echo has probably ever endured. The band plowed through songs from their new album as well as their two masterful EPs, Ruiner and Clean, to an ultra-enthused if not completely adoring crowd. Whores mainman Christian Lembach pounced across the stage, drummer Donnie Adkinson beat his cymbals to a pulp, and bassist Casey Maxwell headbanged with his entire body, the whole night; and the band did so with the house lights turned on.

Every drop of sweat and deranged stare from the band was visible for all to see. Whores. put on a veritable rock ‘n’ roll clinic. This is how it’s done folks. Loud, crazy and fun for all.

Catch Whores. on their remaining tour dates below or WHENEVER you can in the future.

June 7 – Phoenix, AZ – Rebel Lounge
June 9 – Oklahoma City, OK – Blue Note
June 10 – Austin, TX – Barracuda
June 11 – Dallas, TX – Three Links


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