Sicko will be playing their first show in 20 years on January 19, 2018 – the first night of The Seattle Pop Punk Festival, which is taking place at Highline Bar in Seattle, WA and is being presented by Top Drawer Records. Here’s the festival lineup:

Friday, January 19, 2018
Dead Bars
Four Lights
Burn Burn Burn
Choke The Pope

Saturday, January 20, 2018
K Streets
Listen Lady
Foxhole Norman
Coyote Bred
Shadow Cats
The Drolls
Date Night With Brian

And here’s some more info about the festival:

Why are you doing this?

The concept: way back in the protopopunk days of 1993, I had the idea of putting out a pop punk compilation on my record label Top Drawer Records. Most people didn’t understand what Pop and Punk had to do with each other, and others just mocked us for a dumb idea. Which was fair enough, because there were only two pop punk bands in town anyway: Sicko and the Fastbacks. Stretching the definition, we could add the Young Fresh Fellows and the Model Rockets. Not much of a comp. So, we had to go to Canada to get Bum, the Smugglers, Cub, and the Stand, and down to California to get the Mr T Experience, and started to round out what became a pretty cool record: 13 Soda Punx (still have a few for sale!). After wrapping up the label, moving away from Seattle, going to grad school, living abroad, and coming home again, I started a new band: Date Night with Brian , and wanted to play some shows. So I asked Brian Foss “are there any pop punk bands in Seattle?” He put me in touch with a bunch of people (Crusher, West, Rev) who showed me that Seattle not only has pop punk bands, but it has a TON of awesome pop punk bands. What a change from the 1990s!!! So, I feel compelled to document what is a beautiful thing: the music I love is also loved by lots of swell people.

Fast forward about a year, and we are having a record release party. I thought it would be cool to have a few bands from 13 Soda Punx play as well, so the K Streets, Bum, and Sicko have agreed to join the 14 bands from the current Soda Punx release.

Who is Top Drawer Records?

Basically it’s just Ean from Sicko and his cat Alan, a small affair run out of a Crown Hill basement with equal parts love and meow mix.

Who is on the LP?

Check out The Bands.

What format will it be on?

12” Vinyl + digital downloads.

Why the hell is this called 14 Soda Punx?

Because the last one was called 13 Soda Punx.

Why the hell was the last one called 13 Soda Punx?

Because the artist that drew the original cover, Pablo Griggs, took my limited input of “Pop”, “Punk”, “no tits or needles or dragsters” (in the 90’s there was actually a danger of this happening) and decided to make up a name and embed it in the artwork, so we would have had to lose the artwork to change the name. So Pablo got to name it. Which was slightly annoying, but it looked cool, so we went with it. I never really considered myself a Punx, but what the heck, I don’t really like being called a “Sicko” either. Names choose you.

When is it going to come out?

The same night as the release show, January 19th.

How many copies will be pressed?

500 on RED VINYL. Cooooooool.

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