The world has stopped spinning and thus live music has sadly been on hold for almost twelve whole months now. However, Silverstein is playing shows this month, but not how we know it. The band has put together the “Out Of This World” concert series to give fans a concert experience the best way they can during this terrible pandemic.

The extraterrestrial-inspired performances by the post-hardcore legends deliver a package this is ripe with entertainment and clear musical talent. The series has been split into three parts featuring a greatest hits set, a full performance of the bands’ iconic second album “Discovering The Waterfront” in its entirety, and a final acoustic set. The hour-long episodes blend music, a storyline, and (although corny) comedy into a well-rounded slick show that fans old and new will absolutely enjoy.

I have just finished watching the second episode and witnessed the band perform their second record in its complete state and it was honestly fantastic. This second episode is truly recommended as it is the highlight of the series. The band, even sixteen years later, sounds incredible and offers a performance that is truly breathtaking and enjoyable from start to finish. They also play two rare tracks as a great encore to conclude their timeless game-changing album. The band sounds amazing despite not performing live for almost a year and provide an energetic and engaging performance that will leave you purchasing tickets to see them the second live music resumes and shows can commence again.

Although there are some bad alien puns and Shane Told should forget about his comedy career if he is thinking about pursuing one; the band’s fourth wall breaking and script discipline adds charm and character to the show that breaks up the time between songs nicely.

Respect must be shown to Silverstein for their legacy and for putting this concert series together. It shows the band are humans with hearts (not the aliens they are captured by) and truly care about their fan base. Releasing a live stream that appeared as a really good band practice for twenty dollars would have been very easy. But instead, the talented Canadians have gone the extra mile and truly added a huge injection of positivity into a negative climate.

Be sure to watch the entire series and attend every gig here.


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