Iconic Canadian rock outfit Billy Talent return with their highly energetic new single “Forgiveness I + II”. Produced by Juno Award nominee (Producer of the Year) and Billy Talent guitarist Ian D’Sa, the track dived into production in the group’s Toronto studio.

As the first new release since their highly successful Afraid of Heights album, Billy Talent are securing the momentum once again that they’re one of the best collectives to come out of Canada. Just like it says on the tin, the track is sectioned into two parts. 

Beginning with an ‘in your face’ rock element, the first layer feels intertwined with a progressive feel that’s ready for a stadium. Just over the halfway point, the progressive momentum sticks with the track’s core while slowing finding its way into a realm of hope.

Powerful and emotive with its singlehanded possession to keep your gaze, if Billy Talent’s music to come is anything like this, fans are in for a right treat in the near future.

Recently, Billy Talent launched the Billy Talent Charity Trust to give back to the organizations that the band believes in. As a single, “Forgiveness I & II” is a force to be reckoned with, and I reckon you’ll love this track if you’re into melodic, emotive hard rock.


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