West Midlands-based in the U.K., Hey Jester know all the ins and outs to what makes a cracking single. With previous releases such as “Sickly Sweet” and “Pepper Spray,” as well as their latest single “Hey Jester,” we just can’t get enough.

The track is taken off their upcoming, self-titled, debut album. We hear the progressive, alt-rock trio turn their sound into something vibrant and unveil a psychedelic realm of an experimental nature in their latest offering.

Mirron Webb of Hey Jester stated that the track is “sarcastic with a romantic undertone.” This being said, the comic feel of the subject doesn’t fit itself buried in the bones of the actual arrangement. Completely serious and showing listeners the band in their natural habitat, the track feels like the lovechild of Jack White and Thundercat.

Varied and showcasing many influences up the band’s sleeves, the originality that screams throughout is the soft jazz rock approach. With some parts feeling grunge-influenced and others feeling like a glistening dreamworld from a cartoon show, they’re unpredictable.

Leaving suspense and your mind to wonder, what’s so exceptional about this track is that you can put your own interpretation on it. Relatable and telling us what society can be like, the insecure message is comforted through an extraordinary structure. These guys are ones to look out for.


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