Tried & True
(No Sleep Records)

It’s perfectly titled. “Tried & True” is the newest single from Looming, a band originally from Springfield, Illinois but now whose members are spread across the country. Yet, despite any distance or trials the group has faced since their debut Nailbiter, their roar is still distinctive, still urgent and most of all, still full of destroyed emotions.

If anything, this is Looming in a newfound dynamic. The song moves a bit like an anxious attack, with a riff that is cleanly picked to a steady rhythmic, syncopated assault from the rhythm section. As the song continues on, the clarity fades, backed by distorted guitars and vocalist Jessica Knight’s shaking, visceral vocals. From that first chorus on, the song is seemingly self aware, being rough around the edges as Knight tries to tackle the idea of personal growth. The bridge is a gnashing assault of vocals finding a space to breathe between the music, much akin to readjusting to life’s, begging to show your loved ones that you’ll pull through, that love is ultimately behind the process.

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This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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