We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of two track from the upcoming split EP between Sleepy Limbs and Champagne Colored Cars – Sleepy Limbs’ song “Ocean Dream” and Champagne Colored Cars’ song “Post-Modernism” (listen below).

The release, a joint effort between Seafoam City Records and Know Hope Records, will be a split 12” vinyl release with each band contributing three brand new songs. Vinyl pre-orders will be available on October 19, 2018, and the entire EP will be available in digital stores that same day.

Ben Roth of Sleepy Limbs commented on “Ocean Dream”:

I had a dream where I was floating in a calm ocean and had associated the dream with a relationship that I had with a person. It inspired the first round of lyrics that I was trying to work into the music. Later I had another ocean dream at a point where things were not so good with this person, and the ocean was much more rough. I looked it up and it seemed to correspond with the emotional upheaval I was feeling, so it inspired some revisions to the lyrics. Now the song basically narrates the transition from calm to stormy waters in a relationship, then waking up when ‘dream’ had ‘evaporated.’

Tyler Perkins of Champagne Colored Cars commented on “Post-Modernism”:

‘Post-Modernism’ is essentially about the changing of times. The lyrics are a comparison of our generation to the generations prior to ours, with emphasis on some of the current obstacles we face. Prices of education and housing, depleting job market, as well as the largest abundance of legal and illegal drugs. Some of which are pedaled by our own doctors and used to mask issues instead of confronting them, creating unshakable chemical dependencies. Pollyanna from FES wrote her own lyrics for the feature at the end. It was awesome to hear another perspective from someone in a different country about the same issues. As dismal as it may seem, the song is truly about continuing your pursuit of happiness even if the odds seem completely against you.

About Sleepy Limbs:

Sleepy Limbs, hailing from Lancaster, PA, formed in late 2016 after the disbanding of You, Me and Everyone We Know. Ben Roth, Joe Fuscia, and Kory Gable formed Sleepy Limbs simply out of a desire to continue making music together, not knowing were the venture would take them. Sleepy Limbs quickly gained a loyal following in their hometown of Lancaster, PA and throughout the mid-Atlantic region. The band signed to Know Hope Records in the spring of 2017 and released their debut EP on September 22, 2017 to much acclaim. They have spent the past year touring in support of that release, sharing the stage with bands such as Mannequin Pussy, Cayetana, Camp Cope, Peaer, The Dangerous Summer, Vinnie Caruana (The Movielife, I Am The Avalanche), and Rich People, as well as KHR labelmates selfhelpme, Promise of Redemption, and Milkmen.

Sleepy Limbs will be announcing fall/winter tour dates shortly.

Sleepy Limbs is for fans of Microwave, Weatherbox, Prawn, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, Spirit of the Beehive, and Restorations.

About Champagne Colored Cars:

Champagne Colored Cars, hailing from Atlanta, GA, formed in September 2017 and quickly grabbed the attention of independent music lovers everywhere. The punk rock trio of Tyler Perkins, Tyler Hendley, and Noah Linn, through twinkling tones and fervent lyrics, combines the technicality found typically in math rock bands with the intensity and passion of punk rock. The band released their debut EP via Lost State Records on November 24, 2017. In support of that release, the band has shared the stage with the likes of Perspective A Lovely Hand to Hold, Look Mexico, Runaway Brother, Good Thoughts, Taking Meds, The Most, Sleepy Limbs, and Milkmen. The split EP with Sleepy Limbs will be the band’s first release with Atlanta based label Seafoam City Records.

Champagne Colored Cars will be heading to the UK for the first time this fall, touring with UK band FES (whose singer Pollyanna Holland-Wing appears on “Post-Modernism”).

Champagne Colored Cars Tour Dates:
October 20 – London
October 21 – Brighton
October 23 – Bristol
October 24 – Leeds
October 25 – Glasgow
October 26 – Manchester
October 27 – Birmingham

Champagne Colored Cars is for fans of Tiny Moving Parts, Gulfer, Glocca Mora, Oso Oso, Braid, and Their/They’re/There.

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