Slime Girls have released a music video for “Meteor Showers.” The song is part of the bi-weekly music video series release by File Under: Music. Slime Girls aka Pedro Silva create a unique brand of pop, blending together electronic music concepts and vibes with traditional instruments and pop sensibilities. “Meteor Showers” is an ode to a childhood adventure, and all the nebulous emotions our young hearts endure. Slime Girls are making music for a generation of kids who grew up on the internet.

While Slime Girls’ recorded material is typically gravitates more towards the electronic end of the musical spectrum, for the One Song at a Time release of “Meteor Showers” Pedro decided to put forth something a little different.

Pedro Silva commented on the song, “This is the first original song I’ve sang on that’s been recorded, but anybody that’s seen us live has heard me sing plenty on covers and live versions of existing songs of mine that have vocals. I wouldn’t say there’s really too much to it, I wanted to write a fast and stripped down song evoking some “summers as a kid” sense of supernatural adventure, and that’s what I did. Slime Girls is going to pretty much always just be me writing whatever music I feel like writing on any given day, and I felt like singing so here it is.”

In the video, director Matt Leaf took the spirit of childhood memories and explored the ambiguous nature of how as children we interpret our surroundings. His video for “Meteor Showers” plays with the evolution of memories, how though they may seem as concrete as a Polaroid in adulthood, their true form is far less static.




01/13 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell (freq.fest.v.6.0 presented by 8BitLA; playing his 2012 album Vacation Wasteland in it’s entirety)
01/27 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent w/ TWRP


The series began on October 4th with Skye Wallace’s “Not Ready For This To Start” followed by Johnny Foreigner’s “Flooding,” Pill Friends’ “Holy Like You,” and Wallgrin’s “Ae’aea”. One Song At A Time will continue through March 21st, with FU:M releasing a new music video on their YouTube channel every two weeks. The series will feature music videos for unreleased tracks for artists from Canada, the UK and the US, including Slam Dunk, Crywank and more. All of the songs are available worldwide digitally, and will be collected at the end of the 12 video cycle into a compilation. The stems for each track are also available for remixing opportunities via the labels Skio Music page.

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