With the surreal crime drama Twin Peaks making a comeback, it was only a matter of time until a band did a musical tribute to the television series. Los Angeles garage punk act Snowball ii have stepped up to the plate with their rendition of “Twin Peaks Theme” and it’s being premiered on New Noise Magazine today (listen below). Recorded live at the Soda Bar in San Diego on May 20, it’s an amplified and elongated shred fest that’s distorted and noisy. There’s also a vibe that walks the line between despair and triumphant. It’s a captivating version of a television series theme that also exhibits an improvisational quality.

“I’ve come across such little truly substantive television programs that are thoroughly entertaining, but actually serve to entertain more as a byproduct of what’s more an attempt to advance television as an art form,” frontman Jackson Wargo says on his fandom of Twin Peaks. “With respect to Twin Peaks, as with any of Lynch’s works, the audience is initially enthralled with a traditional story of murder mystery, etc. Boundaries of nature are pushed in the show & boundaries of patience are pushed in the viewer, and it is here where Lynch best articulates his intent. I don’t pretend to wholly understand Mr. Lynch’s complete objectives, but it’s clear that he is interested in what dualities coexist in not only his characters, but in places and things as well. These explorations are vast, and particularly, and with specific intent, ill-defined in Twin Peaks: e.g. The Black Lodge vs. The White Lodge, Bob vs. Mike , which is fascinating in relation to the two high school kids in the show Mike & Bobby, Agent Rosenfeld, who serves the people, though is hated by everyone but Agent Cooper, the Owls about which nearly all we know is that they are not what they seem to be, and so on. Twin Peaks is a masterwork of expressing the coexistence of the archetypes “good” and “bad/evil,” the same ones we find coexisting within ourselves and our peers on a daily basis. “

“A lot of what we do with Snowball ii is, more or less, informed by this dual coexistence,” Wargo mentions. “Our artistic intent is in a different vein, though we perform music through the perspective of what one might call finding music in noise or finding noise in music. All noise is shrouded in music and all music is shrouded in noise, and it can be very beautiful and very abrasive at the same time. If you haven’t yet watched Twin Peaks, we highly recommend it. Our band name is named after a TV show, our latest record is named in reference to another TV show, but I’m pretty confident that Twin Peaks is the greatest show to ever grace television airwaves.”

Snowball ii will be performing with Goon at Café Du Nord in San Francisco on June 7 (Facebook event). Hopefully them performing “Twin Peaks Theme” live isn’t just a one-time deal. Give it a listen via Soundcloud below while enjoying a damn good cup of coffee, a jelly donut and a slice of cherry pie.


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