Video Premiere: Solar Twin – “Walking Wounded”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Solar Twin’s new music video for their song “Walking Wounded” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s debut album Pink Noise, which came out digitally on October 11th, followed by a vinyl release on November 11th via SMLxL Vinyl. You can purchase the album here.

Shane Tutmarc of Solar Twin commented on the song & video:

“‘Walking Wounded’ was one of the first batch of tunes I wrote for ‘Pink Noise.’ I hadn’t quite turned the corner yet from the destructive lifestyle I had been living, but this song helped me turn that corner. A lot of the songs on ‘Pink Noise’ deal with staring my inner demons in the eye and forcing them to lose their power. This song is about that inner voice that says you are no good, or that your dreams are a waste of time. I think those inner voices are common with most people, especially artists. Putting that voice to music really helped me confront these demons and eventually re-define who I am, and what I am all about. When putting a video together for this song, I thought of the scene from ‘Superman III’ where you have ‘evil’ Superman and Clark Kent battle it out in the junkyard. While it may not be the best Superman film of the franchise, I’ve always felt this scene was powerful and well executed. Editing it to the song, it really captured the spirit behind the song. I often felt the good and evil inside of me battling it out while I was writing ‘Pink Noise,’ and this song in particular. I hope the message translates to anyone else who may be going through similar struggles in their life. A side note, that may only be interesting to me, is that actor Christopher Reeve and I share a birthday. That always was a point of pride as a Superman-obsessed youngster. Christopher Reeve was a true ‘Solar Twin.'”

About the artist:

Nashville based, and Seattle born singer, producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shane Tutmarc unveils his debut album from his new project Solar Twin. The Solar Twin journey began as Shane was grieving the loss of his best friend, who went ahead to the other side in June of 2015 and far too soon at the age of 31. Initially, Tutmarc dealt with the loss submerging his pain with heavy drugs and alcohol, but the path only grew darker. After six months with still no relief from his sorrow, and thoughts of possibly joining his friend on the other side, he finally found solace in creating new music.

Solar Twin was born in 2016, Shane refers to it as the “life raft I needed to redirect my pain.” He began writing, recording and creating songs. Every few months Shane has released a new song as an appetizer to the release of the full-length album Pink Noise, “One of the reasons I chose that title is because Pink Noise is supposed to be a healing, regenerative sound,” explains Shane.

If you listen closely you may hear familiar elements from his early days in Seattle with bands such as Dolor and United State of Electronica. With Solar Twin, this prolific artist has redefined the poetry of his songwriting, creating a worldly and eclectic aesthetic where beauty and darkness often trade punches from line to line.

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