So similar to the Black Lives Matter compilation I did two years ago I’ve decided to do another one to help raise money for Planned Parenthood. With all the uncertainty and craziness in Washington right now it only seems right to do anything we can for the amazing and necessary organizations that are under attack.

Fifty punk bands from across the United States and Europe have been kind enough to donate a song helping to create a benefit compilation. The songs are hosted on a Bandcamp page and are available to download as a digital mixtape for a least five dollars (if somebody feels like paying more they have that option as well). All proceeds after Bandcamp fees will be directly donated to Planned Parenthood.

Here is the list of bands who are on this compilation: !ATTENTION!, After The Fall, Angus (formally Christopher Leaf), Austeros, Bad Boys Club, Bong Mountain, Brickfight, Choke Up, City Limits, Cold Wrecks, Costanza, Crippled Earn, Devon Kay and The Solutions, Diablogato, Fuck You Idiot, Great Lakes USA, Hard Pass, Honah Lee, Hospital Beds, Jeff Rowe, Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish, Kevin Bogart, Loser’s Circle, Make War, Miketon & The Nightblinders, Mr Fahrenheit, New Years Revolution, Nicholas Panagakos, Nosedive, OC45, Old Flings, Pass Away, QWAM (Queen With A Megaphone), Ramona, Remainders, Remnants, Save Ends, Sweet Empire, The Fake Boys, The New Warden, The Offseason, The Old Edison, The Plurals, The Shills, Third Twin Sister, Throw Shade, Tied To A Bear, Trophy Lungs, Two Houses, Victory Boy, Warm Needles, and Worship This.

I’ve launched the Bandcamp page and I’m writing you with the hopes of getting your website to do a small write up to help promote the compilation. Not only does that increase our chances of raising the most money but it will also help influence more people to start getting involved and helping out. I’ve attached the album artwork for the compilation below along with the link to the Bandcamp page where it will be available. Please let me know if we can work something out, thanks a lot!

– Kevin Bogart

Solidarity Mixtape Volume 2 on Bandcamp

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