Mexican-American post-rock powerhouse Altas are stoked to premier their new track, “Cosas Nunca Dichas,” with us.

As a band comprised entirely of women and minorities, they have their finger on the pulse of a lot of important issues and emotions, and it shows in their music.

“The song title translates from Spanish as ‘Things Never Said,’ guitarist Enrique Jimenez says. “This song began with a guitar line I had been playing for about three months, playing in odd phrasings, which then ended up sounding more beautiful and robust as Meaghan took it played it on the piano. From there, Izzy added multiple versions of these driving beats. JC’s obsession with Swervedriver inspired the fuzzy guitar sound, which makes this song remind you to say what’s in your heart before it’s too late.

Check out their Bandcamp to hear more and buy the record.


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