Today, “Losing My Shadow”by Aan  is premiering exclusively below. The track explores ambiance in its five minute run time. From retrospective echos to elegant shapes, the song is not afraid to dive into the experience of music. The cloudy imagery has shining moments of light from the vocals, a catchy beat, but rests in a space of troubled comfort. There are times the frizzling nature of the track rides on thunderous energy, but it always falls back to a space of somber serenity. Take a listen below!

“‘Losing My Shadow’ is a song about an inevitable change – even if that change may not be for the better. It’s that change that’s been fought against or ignored for a long time and it’s now come to a point of no return. It’s a song about dependency, complacency and a weakness of will. This certain change can also function as a wake up call of sorts.” – Aan

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Aan (short for “Amor ad nauseam”) is a psychedelic-pop group from Portland, Oregon. On record, the heart of the group is songwriter/frontman Bud Wilson, and live they come together as an explosive five-piece ensemble. Wilson lives on a small farm several miles outside of town in a small house, surrounded by ducks, chickens, coyotes and trees, where he writes most of his songs. Although the end result is a long aural drive from anything resembling the countryside, the music retains the sincerity of that familial place – a feeling of home – a home that Wilson invites the world into through his new album, Losing My Shadow, out this spring on Fresh Selects.

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