New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the frantically paced “It Doesn’t Get Better” by Actionesse. The quick burner of a song utilizes chord progressions that build in melody off of each other, with the bass hammering along as well. The verses are visceral in their approach, with biting lyrics and stating exactly what they need with no fat added. The ending groove from the bass and drums leads into a reproach of the main theme, crashing to the finale. The song is off of their upcoming EP DEEP, out May 11th.

“‘It Doesn’t Get Better’ re-addresses the adage that actions speak louder than words, in a more contemporary social context. No matter how powerful or moving, an online statement is forgotten quickly — so, then, don’t we all feel the need to step out onto the street and act? The answer is a flat out NO — we don’t feel that need. After all, we’ve written down our thoughts and catapulted them into the online social void. Nothing could be more effective than that…right?”

Actionesse is an ever-evolving project by four different styles of musicians coming together to find common ground — born, bred and bathed in brassy broth, Actionesse is a four-piece heavy punk rock/post-horncore group freeloading from Seattle, Washington. Their textured, maximalist approach to genre-bending has been lauded as ‘weirdo rock’ —their live performance ‘like a swirling tornado’ onstage.

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Photo Credit: Michaela Patrick


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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