New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the premiere of “Pole Shift” by AD.UL.T.. This is a wild track with plenty of noise rupturing through the soundscape of the band. The frantic nature doesn’t really allow for a single structure, rather the drums and bass punch through each moment while effects float and swirl over top. “Pole Shift” is from the upcoming release, A Dainty Bit, being released on July 13th. Take a listen below with a great explanation from the band into how this wild track came about.

In Ethan’s Words: “The intro riff came to me as I was struggling amidst a swarm of mosquitoes in the Everglades. Luckily, I had my little recording unit and I hummed the dang thing into it. From then on, it practically wrote itself.

“The song is about the deep loneliness that we all sometimes feel. At the time, I had been in south Florida for a month to get away from a life where I had lost everything I cared about. My partner of five years had left me and with them went my home, my beloved pup, and my beautiful garden. Coincidentally, a series of unfortunate circumstances and a wrongful accusation led to my firing from a job I loved. I was feeling about as low as I had ever felt. Had we not a tour forthcoming, I probably would not have returned to Boston.”

“Due to the busy nature of the riff and the phrasing of the vocals, it took a lot of practice for us to be able to sing and play the song properly. At first, I was unsure if I could play the drums and sing the vocals in a satisfactory manner and at the same time. But we didn’t stop practicing in Brian’s living room until we had it down.”

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AD.UL.T, the duo, first met in kindergarten in their hometown of Leominster, Massachusetts . Even though Ethan had already been making recordings with his younger sister up to that point, it wasn’t until high school that he decided to buy his first instrument. At only 13 years young, Ethan and his future bandmate, Brian, went down to Action Music, the local music store, to buy their first guitar and bass together.

But neither of their parents wanted to listen to the loud racket of two kids learning to play. The duo were stifled for a few years until Brian got his first apartment and AD.UL.T was born. Ethan took on the drums and Brian pursued bass. Although other projects and relationships took center stage for a while, AD.UL.T continued to play instrumental shows during a period of eight years. Despite playing infrequently, they managed to make waves wherever they went, due to their explosive (but not always appreciated) performances. They became known for bringing the set to a screeching halt over every silly “mistake,” much to the delight of the audience. Soon, laughter, confrontation, and awkward silences became a much anticipated part of the live shows. A photo of Brian wearing his Zebra mask and playing in a black bodysuit began trending on Instagram. The Zebra mask, which inexplicably and incredibly has become AD.UL.T’s trademark, coupled with Brian’s jaw-dropping bass performance – unable to see his base with the mask on – WOWed the audience everywhere.

The shows became more like performance art and less like concerts. Unsuspecting audience members, venue staff, and passersbies on the street would be asked to join the act. Their unconventional approach and bizarre performances eventually caused enough rockus to get them banned from Boston’s then-famous now-defunct TT the Bear’s. At odds with those around them, Ethan and Brian continued to make a buzz at music venues throughout New England. During a last minute show in Boston, the famous drummer/producer Mark Fede happened to be on sound duty for the night. After a particularly poorly played, but hilarious, set, Mark approached Ethan with a timeless compliment, “that was the greatest thing ever, but don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t good.” Shortly after, AD.UL.T was invited to the MacRoCK festival in Virginia, where Ethan and Brian showcased their unique performance in front of a music-savvy audience.

In 2016, Mark Fede recorded AD.UL.T’s first EP No, thank you, with a new approach. Ethan was composing the music and learning to play them on guitar, and then teaching the songs to Brian for bass. These were the very first songs to include Ethan’s high-pitched vocals soaked in effects that sat nicely in the music. Around the same time, the duo met the talented artist and musician, Adric Giles, who has since become one of the indispensable members of the art team. Adric’s colorful, anxious, and dense style wonderfully compliments AD.UL.T’s out-of-the-box tunes.

With more than 50 shows a year, AD.UL.T remains an active and sought-after troop. Ethan and Brian look forward to their fourth national tour during the summer of 2018.


Photo by Marco Dimacs


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