We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Amanda X’s new song “Dear Marie” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming sophomore album Giant, and given today’s political climate the band has decided to release the album (in conjunction with Self Aware Records) digitally and donate the proceeds to Women Against Abuse. You can pre-order the album here.

Giant is scheduled to be released digitally on August 18th.

With an uninhibited musical dynamic that could only be birthed from three friends, Amanda X delivers with ethereal vocal harmonies, heavy hits and solid guitar work. Formed in late spring of 2012, Amanda X’s members set to work and self-released their first EP, Ruin The Moment, on tape a few months later.

Amanda X is comprised of Cat Park (of Bandname, Preen, Eight) on guitar, Melissa Brain on drums and Kat Bean on bass.

Hailing from the Kensington area of Philadelphia (home to infamous gangs such as the Yo’s, Twerks and Fuzzies), Amanda X imperviously sallys forth, creating an oasis of bedroom pop and post-punk among a landscape of toxic speed, eroded enamel and chattering human skin suits. Fused together, this set of songs form the whole of Amnesia, their debut LP. The trio of Cat Park, Kat Bean and Melissa Brain are most adept at channeling sounds and melodies that recall the savory once-was of Scrawl and MyDolls, the piquancy that spiked the best of Harriet Records as well as the sweetest of the blueberry muffins that studded the wispy K label in a time known as “back then.”

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