We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of …And We All Die’s new song “Bodhisattva” (listen below). This track is part of a digital EP from ..And We All Die that will be available on Friday, May 27th via iTunes. The project is centered on songwriter Raymond Burton Estes who has a lengthy history in the Texas punk and hardcore scene and contribution of producer, guitarist and drummer Jason Rufuss Sewell (of One-Eyed Doll).

A remix for the track by Austin Darkwave outfit, Knifight will be available as well. Other remixers for the EP include Daniel Ash (Bauhaus) Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers, Melvins), Deadverse (Will Brooks of Dalek), Gost and Frantic Mantis (Shelby Cinca of Frodus).

Purchase the single “Bodhisattva” here.

Raymond Burton Estes comments:

Down south on the subcontinent of India, early Buddhism focused on the individual practicing compassion to reach enlightenment. Through reincarnation the practitioner continues to return to the earth until their practice is complete, enlightenment is reached, and there is no more need to return to the planet. Up north in Tibet, these Buddhists take the bodhisattva vow and promise to keep returning to the earth until every last one of us is enlightened. Because life is hard and people need help, the bodhisattva shifts the focus from a self-motivated practice to a community-based practice that leaves no one behind.  While Bodhisattva is not a particularly spiritual song, the lyrics do acknowledge a possible practical and selfless dimension to spirituality that focuses on helping others as a way to liberate the self.

Two individuals I have met who have exemplified enlightened selflessness to me and inspired this song include Palden Gyatso and Adam “MCA” Yauch.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet Tibetan Monk Palden Gyatso a few times on three continents.  He spent 33 years in Chinese prisons and labor camps where he was tortured and abused for steadfastly living his convictions and fulfilling his duties as a monk. Despite his hardship, Palden Gyatso maintains the best attitude and sense of humor of any person I’ve ever met.

Adam “MCA” Yauch is one of my favorite musicians. I never saw the Beastie Boys and didn’t attend the Tibetan Freedom Concert, but I did spend an afternoon with Adam and his wife and daughter.  I was impressed with Adam’s positivity, humility and practical approach to life, family and living his convictions.  Adam was as good an example of any as how anyone could change or evolve and make positive contributions to themselves, their families and others, even strangers.

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