New Jersey’s Au Revoir established themselves as a one of the most exciting new artists in the post rock genre with the release of 2012’s critically acclaimed In the Key of Night. With the release of 2013’s Black Hills they justified that hype. After a couple of years of touring and writing Au Revoir are hitting the ground running in 2016. The band is excited to announce the release of their new LP Veles this March, followed to by extensive touring of the US.

Today, we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Au Revoir’s new song “” (listen below), taken from Veles. The album will be available on vinyl/CD/cassette/digital with the help of Flesh and Bone Records.

Purchase Veles here.

Later this year Au Revoir also plans to release a split with Vermont indie artist Tyler Daniel Bean, who had this to say about the band:

“Veles, the new four-track, thirty-eight minute album recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ, represents the first time Au Revoir utilized a professional studio to replicate their massive live sound. Veles, unlike Black Hills or In The Key Of Night, is a pummeling, ominous, and fitfully heavy collaboration between Au Revoir’s five members in search of something larger than themselves. Introducing harsh vocals back into their repertoire, a recurring theme of escapist dreams appears—a theme that coheres with their upcoming split with me. What’s immediately striking about Veles is the emotional roller coaster that develops between Au Revoir’s softest soundscapes and their heaviest riffs. And while the band suggests they were out to capture misery, instead, they seem to have captured an elusive reality. When I listen to these songs, I don’t just think about misery or dread. I also think about Redding, about that feeling where everything I wanted and needed was in front of me begging to be experienced. Au Revoir might say, dimly, as they do in ‘Sinking,’ that they’ll “never find what they’re looking for,” but Veles represents exactly what I’ve been looking for from Au Revoir all along.”

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