We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Autisti’s new song “Peaches for Planes” (listen below). The track is taken from the band’s upcoming self-title album, which is scheduled to be released on April 14th through Hummus Records, Czar of Revelations Records, and S.K. Records. The album is limited to 200 copies on 12″ black vinyl with silk-screened cover art. You can pre-order it here.

Aaron Beam of Red Fang comments on the band:

“Hello, world! My name is Aaron Bream, and I am a professional musician. Being a professional musician means my opinion about music matters more than yours. And in my opinion, this new music by Autisti is fucking rad! The music is meditative and dreamlike, but avoids the trap of shoegaze banality by throwing in enough surprises to continually bring you back to the reality that although the surface of the sea may be calm, down below the struggles and joys of life and death never cease. Give yourself a few minutes and listen to it, ya bum!”

Autisti  guitarist/vocalist comments:

“The sound of this record is a pure random home-brewed studio hazard. I record all my albums myself and like to try new things each time, which sometimes put me in awkwards situations. For Autisti I borrowed a 4 track engine from a friend. We recorded the instrumentals live on the first 3 tracks at Hummus Lab in La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH. Then we put the tape recorder in Emilie’s trunk and drove to Paris, to record vocals and mix it there, in my new workshop. Now guess what: we idiots didn’t know there was no way to do overdubs with such an old machine. Amateurs! We had to re-record all first 3 tracks on the tape while singing both on track 4. This added a massive layer of tape compression to the whole record. a real sound engineer would have probably killed himself realizing that… probably the reason why we liked it.”

Autisti is also a part of Louis Jucker’s gargantuesque L’Altro Mondo booklet – 2 hours / 40 songs / 5 LPs of collaborative works in a hand-made deluxe book – available here.

Tour Dates:
21.03.17 – Zürich, Bogen F w/ Birdpen
24.03.17 – Lausanne, Espace Autogéré
25.03.17 – La Chaux-de-Fonds, Bikini Test
31.03.17 – Bulle, Ebullition
08.04.17 – Cully, Cully Jazz Festival
14.04.17 – Basel, Kaserne / Czar Fest
15.04.17 – Lyon, La Méduze
17.04.17 – Altkirch, Le Domaine
18.04.17 – Nancy, La Colline
20.04.17 – Paris, Espace B *
28.04.17 – Delémont, S.A.S.
17.05.2017 Chemnitz, AC17 **
19.05.2017 Neuchâtel, Casa-á-Choc **
21.05.2017 Biel, Le Salopard **
22.05.2017 Freiburg, Slow Club **

* w/ HEADS.
** w/ PABST

About the band:

Autisti is an indie supergroup gathering Swiss lo-fi rock songwriters/weirdos Emilie Zoé, Louis Jucker and drummer Steven Doutaz. This uncommon no bass, two guitars & drums trio craft an extra-intense blend of 90s melodic tunes in the vein of Dinosaur Jr and the Pixies with a Lo-Fi twist à la Guided By Voices.

In 33 min and 8 songs, Autisti ally catchy vocals and noisy riffs and magically mix Emilie and Louis’s distinctive sounds to achieve real heart-moving anthems, whispered ballads and nihilistic noise waves. On stage, you’ll see them rock strange homemade cabs and a surprisingly loud children drum kit. Weirdness everywhere and emotions all over the place!


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